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A lot of you know me from Side X Side Action Magazine and Sand Addiction Magazine. But other than seeing me with my camera running around the desert, and reading some articles that is about all most know.... So here is a little insight....

My Dad, Ben Bower, is a multi gold medalist in the ISDT back in the early/mid 70's...so my first experience on a dirt bike was being in the front pack while my dad rode up and down the beach at Pismo to get me to take a nap!

As my brother and I grew bigger, my dad turned to Jeeps...he bought "The Time Machine" a hot rod flat fender. After sand dragging it once, he decided to make it into a dune jeep and a rock crawler. With the change came a new name "BenAddiction". With the simple swap of an engine, he had the perfect rock crawler to run the Jeepers Jamboree or a Dune Jeep that to this day can run with the high powered buggies at Dumont Dunes.

But then my brother and I got TOO big and all four of us couldn't all fit in the jeep. Moab was always a challenge as someone had to catch a ride in another jeep or someone had to stay back... So we turned back to dirt bikes again.

My first dirt bike was an XR200, but I quickly got thrown onto a XR600 and had to figure out how to start it (compression, compression, kick) ;-) My brother, Dad and I will run 400-500 dirt miles in a weekend "just for fun" with Mom chasing us! Now we are all on KTM450's...what an awesome bike! Oh, and did I mention, it has a starter button ;-)

After graduating high school I got my very first job at a motorcycle shop (changing tires) and haven't been able to break out of the industry yet! With a 4 year stint as the parts manager at Chaparral Motorsports and managing another multi-line dealership in the Bay Area, I have the secret knowledge of what things are and how to fix them.

As I saw the industry changing with the cut throat pricing on bikes, I got out of retail, hooked my truck up to my trailer, and started wandering around riding for about 6 months. This is when I met the guys from Sand Addiction and Side X Side Action. I love riding my dirt bike and quad in the sand and we would always end up at the same events. This is where I added SXS's to my life...

For the last two and a half years I have had some awesome experiences working with PGI Media! I have lived at Glamis for over 8 weeks... I have traveled to places in a SXS that I wouldn't have had the opportunity otherwise... I have got to enjoy a whole other side to the vehicles that you don't get from the retail showroom. It has been awesome.

During this same time I was also re-introduced to the world of rock crawling at last years WE Rock Donner event...holy cow that is awesome! I am amazed at the development of the machinery, but may be more so at the driver skills to pull of such technical maneuvers. With that came the King of the Hammers experience...which need I really say more?

This year will be my first time behind the wheel of a caged vehicle in competition. Shari & I will be racing the JeepSpeed Class in the BITD Vegas To Reno Race... The Catch: We are doing a mile-a-thon for breast cancer! Shari has survived the rigors of breast cancer, and now it is time to give back...why not in a off-road race! http://scholtemotorsports.com/

And now to open another chapter in my book, I am working on my own gig helping racers, business owners and event promoters get their information out to the people. Bower Motorsports Media perfectly combines the off-road and powersports industry with the media base. It is an exciting time!

So some of you have me tagged as the SXS girl...but really you can see that anything with TIRES IN THE DIRT is on my list!

Thanks and I look forward to chatting with you!
~ Charlene

PS No I am not related to Bob Bower...but he is an inspiration!


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Welcome Charlene.