Hello, this is Torsten Palm


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My name is Torsten, I have been ridding motorcycles sinced I was 18 months old. I grew up in SoCal ridding in the deserts out by Barstow, Apple Valley, Lucerne, Big Bear, Cal City, Ridgecrest, and everywhere else. My dad took me to a race or two out near Barstow but we were never in a position to do much about it then.
Then I got deported to Arizona. Northern Arizona in the late 80's. It was a high point in Baja racing, but I was so far away from somewere that you couldn't even see the middle of no were from how far away we were.
Fast foreward 20 yrs, and being an addict to off road racing, building a 5/16 via mail order and I met some guy's that were going racing.
I get the opp to pit for a team in baja, and when the racer broke his collar bone on the first day of prerunning, I got to do half of the race on my crf450x PRERUN bike.
So today, I am in Paramedic school, I have been working for the Fire Department for 3 years now, I part time on an ambulance, and keep trying to find a way to pay for my little yellow 5 car to race. I am crew and sometimes co-dawg for the Afradium racing Trophy Rhino.
I am here to improve the sport and have fun.

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