Jan 6, 2007
RDC Crypto
Hawthorne ,Ca
Thought i have done this years ago? any ways my name is josh been in the desert since i was a wee lad. Didnt get truck till 16 1980 ford bronco with a stroked 351-400 and a c6 awsome truck. got in to desert racing from friends at LiNK Motorsports and stated to prep the race truck and get everything ready for the race and i was given the chance to ride co-dawg in the class 7 truck of Frank Gililand and he took a shine to me and he had me by him every race since. i found the web site by word of mouth years ago and have been a avid looker since. I play with the class 7 truck, class 5 of bret cook, LiNK Trophy Tacoma, LiNK Blue Ranger, Endos, f-150, Ron Carters class 10, Kevis C. super buggy and more. My plans are to eventually race class 10 and keep rovering for MDR in my dad blue early bronco. Being a student, EMT, Training as a firefighter and shop bith keeps me happy.