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Helmet Cleaning Techniques


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Wash liner on the lowest setting in my washing machine and let it air dry. As for the he outside, just soap and water.

Jeff Furrier

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The Molecule "Refresh" works great for getting rid of stink, we sell it online and have it at the races. Molecule also sells a wash product for suits that will also work on removable helmet liners.

The thing to NOT do is zip it into a gear bag as soon as you take it off, it needs to air dry first. Using an air hose to get most of the dirt out is a quick and easy way to keep the dirt from getting ground in tot he liner. I use an air hose on my car and moto helmets before they get put away between use.


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Have someone hold the pressure washer and I run it through the stream to get big mud off. Windex and a microfiber do the rest. I keep it on a helmet dryer during race weekends.


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Crane Motorsports
UPR sells a really nice helmet dryer that we use every time we go testing. Highly recommend. And throwing in a dryer sheet when it's in the bag is a must.

Power Monkey

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What helps keep the helmet and liner sanitary is baking it in the sun after washing. Nukes the nasty bacteria.