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Helmet for Sand Blast


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I am racing tomarrow in the Sand Blast, and I have a buddy who wanted to ride shotgun, but he does'nt have a helmet. I was wondering if anyone out ther would have a helmet that he could borrow for the couple of laps. I will be in a stock black Tacoma number P05. You will be able to find me by asking Greg or Jen where "Shaun Sexton" is, and most likley I will be on the course taking photos. Private message me by 4pm today, or find me tomarrow.

Thanks a lot! Shaun


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I will be up there but not racing. I will have my old helmet with me. I am camping up there friday night. Just ask Jen where I am parked.

J.C. Andrews
Andrews Racing


What A Joke
Frank are you guys staying the whole time or are you taking off to Nevada?

Go Big Or Go Home


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iI'll bring 2 or 3 helmets for people to use that need them, I also brought a neck brace, just ask if anyone needs to borrow it.