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HELO RIDE @ BlueWater Desert Challenge


God Dude
SILENT AUCTION to benefit Racers For Christ Dirt Sport Ministry:

Turn2 TV Productions has donated 2 vouchers for 1hr of flight time ea in their helicopter during this weekends Oct 6-9 BITD Blue Water Desert Challenge in Parker AZ October 6-9th. Top two bidders will win!
This is a great way to get your wife/girlfriend/dad/mom/uncle/cousin/whomever up in the air for the best view possible of you racing through the desert!

>2 vouchers available = 2 Winners!!!!!!!!!!
> Top 2 bidders win, with top winner getting 1st choice of flight time.
> minimum 1hour flight time not to exceed 2hours
> can be used for either Saturday or Sundays race
> winners will coordinate flights time with Turn2 TV Productions

All bidding will be done on CHAPPYsteve facebook page with bidding ending @ 5pm October 7th funds collected via paypal.

Once again bid HERE

Please bid high and bid often! ;)


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Not sure where the "2 vouchers" was implied and not to put a damper on the auction, but as stated on the bottom of the voucher, there is 1 of 1 certificates. Yes we will give someone a helicopter ride at the race (heat and day to be determined by our crew), however there is only 1 available. Still a killer opportunity for someone to take an e-ticket ride, so yes please bid high and often and support Racer's for Christ!


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Bid is up to $250. Today is the last day

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Karl Hartmetz is your winner

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