J Prich

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I know some of you have probably seen some photos on social media over the last few days of the Class 2000 leaf sprung Toyota that belongs to Jordan Grane and Joe Pecora that was recently stolen. Jordan is a fisherman who spends months at a time away from home. Their race truck was stolen from their property in Lake Elsinore and after a week of searching they were able to recover it but it was stripped to the frame/drivetrain.

They lost thousands of dollars worth of parts and aren't the sort of guys who go looking for a hand out but a lot of folks have offered to lend some support so if anyone is so inclined, please feel free to donate what you can via the Go Fund Me link below. Company friends, I'm sure they could use some help with some product support/racer discounts too if you are interested in helping that way.

Look forward to seeing these guys get this truck back together and back out in the dirt ASAP. F Thieves!


John Bitting

The good thing is if it was taken from their property/shop it will be covered by homeowners or renters insurance?