Help a kid with a new heart

Hey RDC Family- looking for some help but it takes a short story to see what I’m up to.

My buddy’s son was born 16 years ago with half a heart. hypoplasticleftheartsyndrome is the technical term but literally half his heart was missing at birth. Bottom line is he really wasn’t expected to survive with half a heart 16 days, let alone 16 years but Jayke is a fighter.

Fast forward to the beginning of 2018 and Jayke had collapsed and spent his 16th birthday in the hospital. His half-heart was failing and he made it on a transplant list but he spent most of the first 3 months in the ICU. Didn’t even get to drive the 96 Ford Ranger his dad had to surprise him with for his 16th b-day.

Jayke got his new heart last night. Shortly after 2am, Jayke had in his chest the first complete heart beating on its own he’s ever had. Miracles still happen as this kid has had plenty of prayers sent his way.

Now to the ask la familia part- his recovery is rough. At least 1 month in the hospital and another 3 months on “house-arrest” while his new heart makes nice with his body. Imagine spending the first 16 yrs of your life with half a heart and the first 8 months of being 16 stuck in a hospital or at home.

I’d like to take the next four months to collect some stuff to pimp out his danger ranger. Its a 96 2wd 3.0 auto. It’s got Porsche 911 seats and a prerunner bumper at this point. Would anyone in the industry be willing to kid blow this kids mind with pitching in to make his ranger awesome?

If you don’t have parts/accessories that you can help with, would you be willing to send some swag/videos to help pass the time over the next 4 months?

Please let me know. Thanks.

This has nothing to do with my position as fast-aid President. This is just me trying to do a solid for a friend and a kid who is really, really deserving.