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HELP!! brake problems...


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i need help in a big way here, everybody.
my friend has a '90 1/2 ton chevy, xtra cab, and we recently began a disc brake conversion kit on it. the instructions said to disassemble the stock distribution block/proportioning valve and modify it to get the necessary higher pressure for the discs. turns out, he has the model taht isn't adjustable. we went to the local wrecking yard and got another one, that looks and connects identically, and isn't sealed. matches the description in the kit perfectly, bit the dealer says it will not work, that it's from a truck with hydraulic, versus our vacuum actuated brakes. so we call the kit company, and they say the only way to make 'em work is to buy their specially built master cylinder, for like $400. we call the store they came from, they contact the kit company, and are told that there is a little inline residual valve that will work, which they give to us free, and apologize profusely for the problems. the inline valve doesn't come with the right fittings, so now we are stuck. first off, will the residual valve work?? i've seen similar pieces with a knob that are adjustable, but that's not what we have...is that what we need???this is day three of the project, and we're getting mighty discouraged, and are facing the possibility of putting the drums back on and saying F*^# IT!! luckily, my friend has been off work all week, but he goes back friday. HELP!!!!! please email at [email protected], or call, 714/473-0996

thank you


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im not much help because i dont know chevy's that much but i do know that the lever or knob your talking about is a bias control valve. a residual pressure valve is in line and has no adjustable parts to my knowledge

what i do know is i hope someone ges fired for this S***!