Help deciding!


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First of all hello, I'm new to this forum! Anyways, I finally got some money saved up to get a prerunner, well more like a wanna be prerunner since i can only afford a truck from 4-5k. I been looking around near san diego and i came across a truck that i think is good for the price. What do you guys think about this ranger? I'm sure he can let it go for 4.5k since he's been trying to sell for over a month. Im hoping hell take 4k though so I can use the other 1k to put into the truck. I know its not an amazing truck, but is it worth the price hes asking for, or a atleast a good start? planning on selling my tj wrangler later on and dumping that 14-16k into the truck. Thanks! Camburg Mcneil Ranger prerunner