Help. Electric visor roll offs.


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Who makes the electric visor roll offs worn by the pro's racing short course? I wear motocross googles with the roll offs, and I am getting tired of eating dirt. The new helmet will have a fresh air system, so I would like to consider this before tear offs.


Jeff Furrier

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I've messed around with them, Speedway Motors used to sell them but I can't find them on their site anymore.

Besides being heavy, if the system quits working during a race your screwed. Also if you get mud or moisture under the roll it smears pretty bad.

I think your better off with tear-offs, they always work.

Or just run up front, wear a white suit and stay clean.


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Running up front is not a problem, it is the lapped traffic I am concerned about.

Thanks for the reply. I saw the video of Carl Renezeder ripping his off, so that was one concern. Tear offs can be a problem here with the amount of rain we sometimes get.

Rhinestone Cowboy

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Not a good idea. PJ tried running roll offs in his sprint car years ago. Rock took one of the rolls off had a 100+ foot streamer out the back of the car and a face full of mud. If the housings are metal then i would say go for it.


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I used Mud Munchers made in austraila they went out of buisness...housing was vacume formed plastic that breaks ...ended up making aluminim repplacement parts

Later I bought a couple plastic machined ones from a old man Bill Stayley a R&D Guy he built a box for my camara and moved in longer available

These contraptions suck up a lot of money and vaualble time while racing
It is easyer to have a spare helmet avaiable is faster than changing sheilds or trouble shooting while trying to race
Besides being tempermental ..any kind of side head rest or halio system limits visibility with the pendulim that you mounted to your face

When they work they are bitchen but for a racer you cant waste your time and money on somthing that side lines you

It is cheaper to buy a new sheild , apply the 3 layer adhevisve sheild protector from racing optics
Then use the Racing optics tear offs ... if they dont fit good on your sheild
hook tear offs of side of choice ..the pegs are adjustable ... if they dont line up ..remove the lame peg ... pull tear offs so they line up and are snug ... poke new hole thru screw hole in sheild ...replace peg ......pull other side off and reapply folding ring back so it out open when the first one is removed
I have a small hole in my thumb and finger so i can feal how many tear offs i am touching ... if you rip them all off in your first grab dont wory because you have the sheild protecter with 3 tear offs


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Electric tear off systems are a pain in the arse and are prone to frequent failure/problems. The only ones that I have seen work, were custom made of billet aluminum and had hand wound electric motors.

Only use tear offs which come in packs of seven laminated together.

Most off road guys do not know how to use tear offs properly. Here are a few tricks I have learned over the years.

1. When installing the tear offs on your shield, make sure the posts are adjusted so that you have to stretch the tear offs to get them on. If you do this, nothing will get between the shield and the first tear off.

2. If you pull with your right hand, always put at least one tear off on backwards (pull tab on the left), so that if you ever mistakenly pull all your tear offs off at once, you still have at least one more left.

3. When installing tear offs, you must fold the pull tab over and place it over the post and underneath the next one. This way it is almost impossible to pull all of them off at once, and the next pull tab springs forward making it easier to pull off.

Hope this helps.


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Thanks for the replies. All suggestions I got were stay away. After purchasing a new helmet and restraint, the extra weight of the unit made no sense either.

So tear offs it is!