Help...Glassworks (blows goats) Tacoma Bedsides

hey everyone, i have a problem with my fiberglass bedsides....the right side wheel well cut out is lopsided towards the front of the wheel (huge gap in front of the tire) and the right side does not bulge as much as the left side (almost by 1/2 - 1"). Tim has been giving me the run-around with a fixable situation, telling me he would make a new mold (which he didn't) then wanted to trim my good side to look like the fu*ked up side. i was wondering if any of you or know of anyone who has glassworks tacoma bedsides and can let me know if they have this same problem of not matching? if some solution on his end doesn't take place soon, i am suing his A$$.
if you want just e-mail me at


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Don't have a solution for you dude but to back Tim up he has been really helpful in the past when I have purchased glass from him and his ranger glass is high quality.


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I beg to differ on that. I have his glass on my ranger and although it only took 2 weeks to get after saying it would be ready the next day, it's fit was mediocre at best.


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I must have gotten lucky and bought the only decent pair of fenders he had. When I mounted mine (which was super easy even though it was my first time undertaking such a task) the body lines were exactly where they should be including that little ridge in the ranger body that starts at the top of the front fender and continues back to the rear of the bedside on 94-02 rangers.


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No show, just like to play in the dirt. My 33 were eating up the fender wells so I got the fiberglass=no more tire rub.


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Hopefully somebody who actually has Glassworks Tacoma BEDSIDES responds to this as I'm about to get a set for myself. The sets I've seen didn't look messed up but then again I didn't take a close inspection. laters