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HELP! never raced before and want to get into rally


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Hey guys my names Gimp I'm 24 and I've never raced before where should I start if I want to Rally a UTV as that is way more affordable for me to race at the moment. But even more importantly how would I go about making racing a career are there coaches that can help with social media , sponsorship help that type of stuff just to help get me pointed in the right direction

CYS Motorsports

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Volunteer at a few rallys, then help a few teams out to learn the ropes. After that, buy a used CAR, race it, then move up/on/out/whatever.

UTV doesn't have much of a following in stage rally. Might only have 2-3 at a single event at most. And to be competitive, you're spending more than you would on a used logbooked 2wd car (and some GC Subarus) most likely.

Again, BUY USED TO START OUT. If you don't like it, you'd be able to sell it much faster than a UTV.