help on 78 79 ford f-100 front suspension


Nimrod de PMC
I want to put taller buckets and shock hoops (with engine crossbar) on my truck and i need help on design coil size and rate and shock size. any help would be greatly appreciated.:confused:


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how much travel are u looking for ...u said u where using coil springs right ? i would say
14in 2.5 shock but there are so many diff. factors left


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too bad autofab doesn't have anything for 4wd's ... solid front axle's make it hard to find parts for them.


Nimrod de PMC
Okay ive asked this question before as you can see but i need pics of the coil/shocks from autofab and others i don't have the 1600 for the coil buckets and all.

Im running the stock beams extended radius arms and the front end needs work to catch up to the rear. please help thanks