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Help Quick! Damn Starter Wont go!!


What A Joke
ARRRR!!! I am trying to leave for the Sand Blast and I just got everything all set and the damn truck wont start!!! I have never had problems with it before. I just got done washing it, is their something I could have gotten wet or something?
It just makes one CLICK sound when you turn the key.

I can bump start it and it goes but then when you turn it off the same thing happenes.

I want to try and get it fixed so I can go heh. I dont want to have to bump start it everywhere I go!

Anyone know anything about the starters on a 1992 Toyota V6 4X4??

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i know autozone tests them for free...if you can pull it off and get it over to them. i looked into one for my 4 cylinder toy last week, it was like $50. turned out to be a loose battery cable...weird, cuz everything else worked fine, just wouldn't start...try cable wiggling first.


What A Joke
Well I tryed wiggling, pounding, hitting, shaking, beeting. Nothing seems to work heh.

I dont have time for this so I am just going. I just wont turn it off on the way and if I do i'll park on a hill.

If you guys see me there and I aint going anywhere please feel free to nerf me (gently please :) ) to get me going :)

See ya guys there!

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i had that problem in a ranger after i washed it to i just took off the battery terminals and cleaned them and put them back on

how ironic is it that most people slow down for speed bumps yet almost all of us here im sure pin it


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My Bro's old '85 used to do that same thing. Some times banging on the starter helped and some times just bump starting it would be the only way. After it started and ran for a little bit it would start on its own again.


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Been having the same problem on my 85 Toy. I believe the little black box on the starter is loose, and is intermitintly fuked.

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