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Help Radio And Gps Console


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I have a Chevy Silverado 2008 and I want to but a center console with my Lowrance Gps and Kenwood Radio I am just trying to see if anyone has any ideas of how I can add a center console to make it look good in a daily driver car.


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I have the same question for a 2006 GMC Sierra. I have the opportunity to change out the stock unit. Are there any decent manufactured aftermarket center consoles that will fit a GPS and a radio, or will it be strictly custom?

jon coleman

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build one yourself, electric conduit3/4", and a hand mandrel bender, get some manageable aluminum materiel, ie Not 7075t6, some pop rivets& basic tools or maybe one of these steel center console type storage boxs, then just make it trick/ custom.heck flip it around, think out side the box



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You might look into some of the emergency vehicle outfitting companies they have some consoles that might work.