HELP! Semi-noob questions, D50 and F250 toy

I've been looking at doing a 1995-97 F250 supercab shortbed w/ 460 prerunner plaything.

D50 ttb, sterling stocker axle, 35's, maybe 37's. 4.56 gears?. Coilover front and deavers/ leafs. Full cage with 1 3/4 DOM. Shift kit, maybe winters shifter, E4OD.

Is the cut 'n turn the same as the d44 ttb? Last time i did the whole end cut off and lower and angle it, not just a ball joint.

Are 12" coilover the best for d50s since everyones been saying they cant swing as far?

What deaver pack would you run? No extra weight/towing other than some tools and a 80-lb cooler n chairs. What about axle wrap with the 460 and big tires? Spring under solve this?