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Help with paddle tire.


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Hello all!!! I'm new to the sand rail community. And recently acquired a four seater semi long travel buggy. It has a 4.3l v6, with a built 6 rib transmission with weddle gears. I have weighed the car and it weighs 2100 lbs. I have called several tire vendors and every one of them recommends a different size rear paddle. It came with 13.00x15 paddles that need to be replaced. My concern is with the weight of the car, I want a tire that offer some flotation. While getting enough traction to try and wheelie, all the while keeping the transmission alive. Any recommendations or advice would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks in advance.



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You wont wheely that car in the sand.
33 blasters and 8.50 rzrs will work well on that car, small cup for your car on the paddles