Help with tie-rod end attachment


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I am building longer upper and lower a-arms and I also have to build longer tie-rods to match. I am trying to determine the best option for attaching the heim joint at the knuckle with this setup.

I can:
1. make/find a tapered adapter pin to adapt the heim and leave it single shear
2. Drill out the taper on a mill and just use a tight fitting fastener and standard misalignment spacers and leave it single shear.
3. same as 2 but also weld on bracket and gusset and make it double shear

One potential issue with 3 is the upright/knuckle is aluminum. I have welded onto a spare one pretty easily and the casting seems clean and welds fine. The bracket and gusset that I would add would be relatively thick being it is aluminum. Probably 3/8" - 1/2" 6061.

Any thoughts?

pic stolen from space of the uprights

Slippery P

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Double shear!


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So I guess you see no substantial issues welding onto the aluminum upright? I honestly don't either, other than making sure there is sufficient amount of weld, preheating for the weld, and checking for distortion.


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Double shear, my play car is 2200 pounds and uses a drilled out Toyota upright and spindle, I broke a 1/2" grade 8 bolt in single shear, modified to double shear and many pre runs and trips later, no problems!


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Agree that double would be better...but how? Any welding to the upright will reduce the tensile in the heat effected zone to about half...unless heat treated afterwards.

Maybe you can pick-up the bolts for the unit bearing to clamp an arm for double shear.

Or is there enough room to increase the taper for 1 ton TRE's?

(I still hurt from aluminum suspension welding...40 years later)