Henderson 250-Best place to watch


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Alright....first of all...who's heading out there, or isnt already there?!?!

Second, wheres a good spot to watch the action from? From another post, it said something about the start/finish line being the only BLM approved place to watch from...what's the dealio with that? Are non-race vehicles going to be allowed anywhere near the course, and if so, wheres a good spot???

Any info would be appreciated.


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from what i was told you can watch at the start finish but if you do some scouting out you can get on the black mountian side it is henderson property so i dont think BLM can do anything about it. kinda like laughlin in a way


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I took off at lunchtime to survey the main pit area yesterday. If you cannot get out into the boonies to watch the race, the spectator area shouldn't be too bad. There should be some nice stuff there. It is situated in a kinda small valley with some cool natural terrain. I don't know how much the adult refreshments will cost though...

My own taste for the hops is very powerful, and I had no intention of spending a beerless weekend...


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Just got back from riding part of the coarse (down gas line road and threw about a 5 mile whoop section then back to the gas line road).You can get to this whoop section from the dry lake bed. Any of the power pole roads that you can see from the lake bed will run into the coarse. Wether or not you can get there on race day is another thing. Im going to check out the start and then try to check out the whoops from around the lake bed somewhere There are lots of trails back between Henderson and the dry lake so If you have a MX thats your best bet.
Good luck, and its a shame more of the coarse cant be accesed because its is a killer one.