Henderson Hotels


Jerry Maguire
Where does everybody stay? Whats the best place? Vegas or in Henderson (obviously Vegas, but I'm talking about where all the racers/people stay) Didn't realize it was so soon and I need to get on it!
This is where they did the driver/media registration last year, i think most of the racers stayed there.


This is one of the nicest hotel/casinos i've seen in a while and its also way close to the track. Some racers also stayed there. They have a sweet club type lounge inside kinda like the bar at the hard rock with TONS of eye candy.
Green Valley ranch
Just an update on Hotels, Fiesta, Green Valley Ranch, Hyatt, Marriott Courtyard, and Marriott Residence Inn are all sold out.

The following are still available:
Sunset Station- 702-547-7777
Terrible's Hotel Casino - 702-733-7000
Hawthorn Inn & Suites Casino (closest to Water Street and Start Finish) 702-568-7800
Rail Road Pass, (5 miles from Start / Finish) - 702-294-5000
Ritz Carlton - 702-568-6858
Lake Mead Inn, (on Water Street) 702-564-1712
Hampton Inn - 702-992-9292
Holiday Inn - 702-990-2323

Ask for the SCORE rate. Room rates range from $39 to $129 depending on the property.
Rooms are also available by booking online at www.visithenderson.com