Henderson Media Run


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Today I got to go on the media run for the Henderson race. I was out looking for filming spots early in the morning and came to S/F at 11am. Sal Fish was there, then came Rob Mac and Gus Vildosla and his 2 ranger prerunners, then Mark Post showed up with his prerunner, then the 2 herbst prerunners came in, also there was Dale Ebberts Indland Truss class 1, Ken and Clay Flippins class 10 and Don Lands Jeep speed. Everyone who was registered as media or VIP got to ride in one vehicle for a 7 mile loop. I was lucky enough to get in with tim Herbst. Sal told the racers to keep it around 25-30mph, but you know that wouldnt happen. We took off and Tim never let off, he really knows the desert out here. IT was crazy because we were htitting RM 5.5 at about 60-70 and when I go through with my ranger, I can only pull about 20-25 safely. Then we caught up to Ed Herbst in the other prerunner and Tim tried to beat him, but didnt have enough time before we hit the infield section. I was amazed at how smooth the ride was in the truck, and Tim was driving with one hand like it was nothing. Very nice of the racers to let the people who love desert racing to ride in their badass machines. The course is great, it has it all, fast roads, rocky whooped out sections, and the infiled section is great. The infield section was done very nicely thanks to Flippin Trenching. Should be a good spectator spot. It was freaking hot to, its 112 right now and its 5:30 and thats in henderson, its probably 4-5 degrees hotter on the lake bed. Bring your hats and water cause this ones gonna be a scortcher.