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Herbst Helo?


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Heres what I heard, some one who lives by were the Herbst Helo(s) are stored had said that they painted it some kind of Ford red, and that its not the Chevy red anymore. So heres what I want to see happen with some help from all of the Dezert People, any one who has pics of the old helo? post them (as long as the ID numbers are visual), and anyone who has pics of the New Helo? (Once again with the ID numbers visual) post those and lets compare and contrast.


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I know ALL!!!!!!!!


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You can't be serious......

For starters, no one lives near the Herbst hangar. The hangar where the ONE BRIGHT RED helo resides. In the event a second helo was ever utilized, it has been the WHITE smaller helo belonging to Mr. Collins.

Earlier this year (After San Felipe I beleive), the Herbst DID take delivery of a new helo, with a larger motor, however, it has been IS, and will always be BRIGHT RED to match the race cars and support equipment.



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The Herbst helicopter was tied down at the small airport near the Gold Strike hotel
. It was there at 6am when I went out on course and there at 11:30am when I left for lunch.


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I have no knowledge on the painting of the helos... BUT the Herbst have had more than 1 helo on several occasions and I never remember them being white. I seem to remember their red one (obviously), and the other being a dark red? But not sure... I have seen Mr. Collins white helo at races before, but were flying for Collins. In fact last year at Prim, if I remember right, herbst had (2) - 1 red, and 1 dark red? - but definately NOT collin's white one, riviera had (1), and I am not sure if collins had theirs, or if duralast had one?


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i Dont know much on the topic of the color of the herbst helo, but what i do want to know is how did they get the ok frommthe FAA to fly


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RE:For starters, no one lives near the Herbst hangar.

That's for sure! I flew into the Herbst operation last yearat KLAS supplying Mike Smith with urgently needed spare parts for the T-case while they were testing near Vegas. I even got the full tour of the hangar and the "Animal Room!"

Dave G


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Damn! Thats what I call service!

The "Animal Room" is something else isn't it? Pretty cool to walk amongst all that "kill." Not to mention the other "goodies" residing there.

Dave - Its been along time since we've talked. I use to see you quite often in the early 90's, when I worked with Westhem Racing. Darryl Putman had me picking up various parts from Advanced. I ALWAYS looked forward to going to your place. You guys always had the coolest parts and pieces to check out. And always took time to share and explain what I was looking at. I will always appreciate that.

I hope all is well and look forward to seeing you soon!

Tony B.


Hey Tony,

Live by where the Helo's are stored???

The Herbst/Collins compound is between MacCarran Airport and Vegas Blvd (Man I wish I owned that property!). The helos and their gaggle of airplanes are hangared there. There are no residential areas in that area unless your friend is living at one of the old, small Hotels in that locale.



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RE: - Its been along time since we've talked. I use to see you quite often in the early 90's, when I worked with Westhem Racing.

Damn Tony, I didn't know that was you! I guess I forgot your last name and didn't put two and two together. Stop by any time when your in the neighborhood. Your always welcome. Even Greg from Inland PreRunners stopped by last week just to introduce himself and check the place out. Were getting super busy right now thrashing on parts for the 1000 and trying to solve everybodys problems.

Dave G


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damn, I didnt know 1 helicopter could cause this much conversation. I remember when their used to be at least 15 flying around at every race.


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Thats the QUESTION that no one has an answer to HOW DID THE HELO GET PERMISSION TO FLY FROM THE FAA????????????

I mean who really cares whose it was.


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RE: Thats the QUESTION that no one has an answer to HOW DID THE HELO GET PERMISSION TO FLY FROM THE FAA????????????

Two possibilities. The flight was cleared as a pipe line patrol or they had a paramedic on board and it was filed as a medivac. If someone has the N number I can track the flight filing through flight star and see what it was designated as.

Dave G


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Its the herbst, $$$$$$$$, I think thats the answer. I mean I know a guy in parker who owns a crop dusting business, and he was shut down until the FBI could come out and investigate him. They said they were worried that he may fill his tanks with gasoline instead of pesticides and crash his plane into the Parker dam thats about 20 miles up the river. This would cause all of Lake Havasu to flood the parker strip and town, and anything close. The govt. is taking this thing seriously.


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That's half the reason I'm going to the Expo is so that I can get a copy of that video. Hopefully you don't sell out by the time I get there on Sat!!


we would never sell out...maybe out if stock... but sell out ? nahhh

come in early I guess. We had a little prefun screening on friday night before the race out on the parking lot next to the grandstands. What do those that watched it think ?


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I was way impressed with the production. You guys are extremely creative. The soundtrack itself is worth the price of a tape.

EJR Racing #244
Thanks Junior. Sorry I missed you. I also wanted to meet Thad in person also. I had to leave half way through the video playing Friday night because of work on the MMB production for Saturday night. I didn't meet alot of people that I wanted to that weekend actually. Next time I guess....

I didn't even know about this helicopter issue until reading it here... and I was there.