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herbst video


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does anybody know where i can download the video from a couple of years ago, the old herbst TT absolutely FLYING over a road crossing?? i thought it used to be here, on RDC somewhere, but i can no longer sem to find it...it's the one they always show on the speedvision clips.


look in the video section.....then unsorted.
That video gets downloaded multiple times a day for 2 years straight !


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To enhance one's enjoyment of this vulgar display of power:
<pre>After you have downloaded it, click "pause" and use your cursor to move the video back and forth in slow motion. It's even more incredible!</pre>


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Regarding vid clips that I can't remember where I saw them. I saw one where a TT or a pro-truck was screaming down a graded road and it goes over a slight hill in the road and the front end starts to lift. The guy did a wheelie for a quarter mile or so. Does that sound familiar to any of you? If you know the clip I am referring to where is it on the web?


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I think that was Plank 2 years ago @ Laughlin. I think Blazer Racing had that vid...


Robby's mom used to sell a video that had that clip in it. He was practicing for Parker at the time the vid was taken. I have a one-off Scalzo promo tape that has Robby's wheelie on it. The quality isn't that great and if I had the technology I would give it up but I am a cheezeball when it comes to video/pic stuff and computers!



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Encase you haven't found it the Robby Gordon clip of him doing the wheelie is on this site. It is the top left in the unsorted video section.


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the one that I was looking for was at the top of the unsorted video list. However the clip at the bottom of the unsorted page on the left is the first clip I ever saw of a TT at speed with a killer bit of driving as I usually only attend MDR races and it seems when we go to the mex races where the big daugs show up we aren't in the right spot to witness stuff like what's in that herbst video clip. AWESOME ! ! ! ! !