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Here is anyother TO-DO...need your VOTE!!


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Okay everyone go to the link provided and cast your vote! This is not for off-road racing or desert stuff but it is still the same battle. If the enviro's win this they will have more power to ban us from our lands. Vote that you do NOTwant snowmobiling band in Yellowstone or anyother national park.. Here is the link: http://www.cnn.com/2001/TRAVEL/NEWS/04/24/snowmobileban.ap/index.html?s=8
It only takes a minute so get going!!!! And remember to post that you've voted so it keeps this at the top of the list.



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Just voted for the next extreme sport that is going to go mainstream like Freestyle Motorcross.. Yeah baby!!

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I did it earlier ~ We are currently winning -

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Here's the stat's:

Do you think snowmobiles should be banned in national parks?
Yes 35% 2476 votes
No 65% 4694 votes
Total: 7170 votes