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For every Hernquist Motorsports shirt that we sell in the RDC store, $25 will be donated to Halcones del Desierto (Desert Hawks) in El Rosario, Baja California. This is made possible by Schaeffer’s Oil, Hernquist Motorsports, Ntensetees/Baja Junkies in partnership with

Desert Hawks has been in operation for 8 years and have responded to over 800 calls for medical or emergency assistance. They also help over 25 other fire/rescue groups throughout Baja. These donations will help fund more fire and rescue supplies and expand the great service they are providing for free to both Mexicans and Americans visiting Baja. (The donation also applies to the shirts already sold since August). Desert Hawks is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

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We are stoked to join forces with Scheaffer's Oil, Ntensettes/Baja Junkies and RDC to support Desert Hawks. They are a group committed to continuing to build a much needed Fire and Rescue program in El Rosario. There services are FREE to all in need and operate solely on donations. Many of you are likely familar with them and the need for this service in that area of Baja. Here's a letter from Andy Schouten that runs the Desert Hawks with more info.
Dear Bill:
I received your message from Antonio Munoz. My name is Andy Schouten. I run a non-profit foundation
in the U.S. called Commitment, Inc. Antonio Munoz runs a Mexican foundation called, fundacion
Commitment Internacional. Together, we run the fire/rescue group Halcones del Desierto or the Desert
Hawks out of El Rosario, Baja California. We have been in operation for 8 years and have responded to
over 800 calls for medical or emergency assistance a number of which have involved life and death
situations. Our services are free to anyone. However, we do ask for a donation to help cover our costs.
My website is:

We have been able to secure a large quantity of fire and rescue supplies including but not limited to;
jaws of life, firemen's turnouts, helmets, boots, gloves hoses, cervical collars, backboards, SCBA equipment,
splints and a variety of medicines to help us save lives. Due to the volume received, we have been able to
help over 25 other fire/rescue groups throughout Baja California. This has enabled all of us to give better
service to both Mexicans and Americans visiting Baja. We hope to have more information on this on our
website in the near future.

Please let us know if you have any questions. We currently have our vehicles parked at the gas station in
El Rosario It is our desire and hope to build a fire/rescue station across the street from the gas station.
Andy Schouten
Commitment, Inc.

Let's continue our support for Baja because #It's Better In Baja.......