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Herzog-Holmes-Pike F150


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Solo Motorsports just bought this truck, anyone having history (builder,races,etc.) Bobby and Carl would appreciate it.

Mark Newhan

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As I recall it was a ford celebrity type of truck. It had a very basic roll cage with just the "X" portion of the rear cage for the rear "kickers". The "A" pillars bent around the stock dash, as you can see in the pictures. Bill raced it is Rally's and did very well.

class 8 ford

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Found my Offroad America magazines October 1989 SCCA Pro Rally Championship Rim Of The World Pro Rally Bill Holmes/Brian Maxwell 1st place in Open and 2nd overall. In the November 1989 Susquehannock Trail Pro Rally 2nd in Open and 3rd Overall ! Have picture of the truck with straight sides all white, sorry I can't put it on here. Think that truck was on E-Bay with no driveline about 3-4 years ago and the guy selling it was Baja Bill


Looks like Bill Holmes might have had a few different F-150's over the years.

Doubtful that this fleetside truck is the same one but possible? Give Spirit Racing a call and see what they say! (619) 561-2913



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