Hey all: I'm Jason (Reno Off-Road.com)

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Jul 16, 2009
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Reno, Nevada
Been reading the forums for a couple years and have now joined to discuss topics.
Answers to the questions the site suggested are:

1. How you got into desert racing: Grew up in local organizations, such as Reno Off-Road Runners Association. Race Hare & Hound (yz426) am an avid off-roader. Rail Buggy, CJ5, F350 Mt Goat with 8" Lift & 38 TSLs which is the daily driver and weekend Mt Goat. Quads, FB Buggies, etc... you get the point I am sure...
2. How you have found this website: Cannot remember, it was too long ago.
3. What vehicle you play with: Desert Rail, CJ5, Two Quads, F350, YZ426....
4. Your future plans in respect to desert racing: Growing my online site www.renooffroad.com and planning on racing vorra series next year. Currently building my weekend desert rail into a sportsmans class to start off with.
5. What keeps you busy during the day? Job, School etc.: Job, wife & kids.

Hope all are doing well and I look forward to chat'n with you and seeing you at the races.