hey everyone


hey so my name is jonathan im currently attending citrus college in azusa and im a Assistant tech/assis manger at chuck e cheeses in dimond bar..(hey gets the bills paid).. some ppl out in the dunes told me about the site..n its a pretty kool site....well i am 19 years old and i have been desert racing since the age of 13. it all started with me and my dad goin out just messing around with our 4x4.... untill we went out with some friend and family out to the mojave desert with a stock toyota pick up... we did a "cross country race" with with the truck n quads... i drove that stock pick up like there was no tomorrow i dont know how that truck handled! after goin into the bushes n shrubs a few times i got hooked on the sport.
a while later i got my first quad...at the age of 17 i got my yfz450 which i spent most of my time working on it or trying to make money to improve it....n just recently i got my own project 91 toyota pick up... ever since i got it i have put into it around $1500 and around a month of labor on it...
and as you can guess those are my toys my yfz450 and my pick up...at the moment im only a privateer, i do go out with friend but havent set up a team yet...hopefully soon i will be racing with all u pro's!