Hey, It's Speedster!


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Aug 29, 2009
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Mesa, AZ
Hey, this is Byron. Some of my old quad racing buddies (Jack, Todd, Rudy) gave me the "Speedster" nick name back in 1996 or so- guess it just kinda stuck.
Anyways, I've been visiting RDC most every day for about a year now, and finally decided to register today after reading the Snowflake forum and seeing my buds Corry and Strunk on there.
I started racing quads back in '93. My first race was the Cinder Mtn. 100- back when it was ADRA. I got serious with racing in '95. Went Pro in '96, and started going all around our once great country, also Canada and Mexico competing in the ATV MX Nat's, Stadium Off-road (USHRA/Pace/USORC/CC), Whiplash, COP, and BITD. I quit racing quads professionally in 2002, because I was flat broke and way in debt from the racing addiction.
I got quite depressed as I crawled out of my racing incurred debt- don't get me wrong; I would not trade those racing memories for anything- I was fairly fast, and those had been good times!!! I was just having a hard time walking away. You see, I was also giving up hope on a long term dream of mine that one day someone would notice my proven skills on a quad, and give me a chance in a truck or buggy.
Well, in February of this year (after saving up a bunch of dough) I started making that dream a reality and purchased a 3-seat Truggy style off-road truck from and built by Wes Holmes. My girlfriend Christina and I love it. It is a great all-around vehicle that cruises, crawls, hauls ass, and hopefully we will find out in Snowflake that it races quite well too!?! So there you have it... The big secret is out on our Snowflake entry, Speedster is back!


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