hey my name is...


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Hey my name is Devin, my family is from southern california and my grandfather used to race enduros and hare and hounds in the surounding deserts. My dad did the same and naturaly i followed suit. right around the time i got my drivers license my dad and i decided to build a car and take on the Baja 1000. that was my introduction to the world of 4 wheel desert racing. I had been driving for less than four months and i ran a 200mile stretch in the 2005 Baja 1000. The first vehicle i was involved in was a older single seat Score class 12. after running the 1000 i decided that my graduation present for compleating highschool would be the chassis of a SCORE legal 5-1600. I am curently mid project with my bug and hoping to complete it for this novembers 1000.