Hi Adam Campbell here,"Ace" to my Freinds


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Jun 17, 2009
Las Vegas,Nevada
Hi, Been a Fan a "Race-Dezert" Site for quite some time,And a Fan of the Desert Since Day One. Las Vegas is Home,Married 21 years (to the Same Gal "Georgia" with 3 Boys (Cody 18,and Christain & Trevor 14 year old twins).I have been ridng and driving anything across the Desert I could get my hands on since I was old enough to see over the Dash, Yes I even folded Dear Ol Mom's Subaru Brat in Half "testing" it for her when I was 16 to "make sure" it was a Competent Desert Womper.....It was not,enough said about that. I Rode in SNORE racesin the late 70's and drove in a couple of Local Points Races in the Old Class9 Single Seater which was a Unlimited Chassis with a 1200cc very restricted VW Motor before finally buying an old Swingaxle Car in 1980. I cut the front end of it off,tubed it out another 15" in length and attached a 12" Over Wright Place front Beam on it,I ground the rear Torsion smooth,cut out the center section for a "finger torsion bar adjuster" welding on trailing arm tabs,did the Bus transmission Conversion ,Put a new cage on top of the ol "High Jumper" and the SwingAxle Nightmare I paid 250.00 for was transformed into a real Race Car. I entered it into the Mint 400 (The Real Mint 400) that year,Drove my portion of 135 miles before handing the Car over to my Best Buddy "Roland" ,who went on only to have the Air Filter mount crack off,lost the filter ,sanded the motor,and My Best Buddy ended up with a 10 Mile Ride for 2k,which was a lot back in those Days.I was a kid scrounging used Bilstiens,running stock arms front and rear (all gusseted up of course)but I was racing and thats what mattered.So Fast Forward the Clock 30 yearsand in the last week,I have purchased a JD2 Bender/Notcher,Mig,TIG before the weekend is over,and every Fab tool I am going to need to do it all again,Only this time my "Best Buddy" is "Christian" ,One of my 14 year old Twins and Now ,Best Freind and Son. We are 50% of the through construction on a 1450 Ranger,Cage all ChroMo is done,Giant Front Suspension Arms are attached,ready for the engine Cage and Shock Mounts,The Tubeworks Trophy Truck style tear end with bearings,Brakes,hubs is all together and awaiting rear arms, bed cage, shockmounts, ect. The "Ect" ,would be the Shocks all around for this Ride. With the current Economy and my Wife and I both being laid Off after 31 years in the Stagehands Union for me and 15 years for her,it will be a real challenge,But without Challenge,What is there in Life? I cannot wait until I strap in with My Son in the Co Driver Seat,The Two of us every day do what we can to the truck with what we have,and I am confident that Coils/Bypass/Bumps we be ours through persistence. We are doing a Bumper here and there,a cage in and old Scout for guy next Weekend and watching the "Race-Dezert" Classifieds for those needed pieces for our "Puzzle",We will See you all in the Forums and with a Bit of Luck,A bit of Work,A Lot of "Want" and maybe even a a little "Nudge" from the Good Man Upstairs,We will see you in the Desert Sooner than Later....So there you go, This is Who we are,Thanks for Welcoming Us Into your Community,Adam "Ace" & Christain Campell