Hi Everybody!

Hey Yall! My name is Alex im 23 and believe it or not but im form TX and am completely in love with desert racing. I have a 98 F150 with an HnM long travel kit. I flew to San Diego and drove it all the way back here to TX! Im interested in everything offroad but desert racing is just so awesome. I plan on attending the fab school as soon as i get my finances in order. I used to race motocross but a broken back two broken arms and two broken legs have kinda slowed me down so i decided why not throw a cage around me! My dad bought a long travel buggy awhile back so we try to get out to glamis as much as we can but thats about as close as i have come to a real "desert" experience. I hope to change that soon though. Well thats about it and if anybody has any helpful info with my truck or how to get started in a career in the desert racing industry hit me up!