hi from the first state!


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hey everyone, my name is brad and i came accross this site through a yahoo search. i live in dover,de (not much of an offroading state), but get on the beach and in the mountians as much as i can. currently i build jeeps for rock crawling and surf fishing and was intrested into making the trip to baja in a few years. i love to building engines and welding. and pretty much anything that keeps me busy and my hands dirty!

my latest project is swapping a 305 chevy smallblock into a 87 jeep and power it through a ford t-18 transmission and jeep cj axles (dana 30 front solid axle and a amc 20 with the 1 peice axles both out of 70's and 80's cj 7). i'm hoping to have it running and street legal by september.
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