hi from the north end of the country

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Hi, my names Jesse. i live in michigan where theres not much cool stuff for desert type vehicles. spent most of my time with lowered compacts having owned a dodge avenger on nitrous running mid-13's with 105mph traps and 3 eagle talons. Currently driving an 03 Yukon and just have a 91 awd talon and a berrien dune buggy. Hope to build a baja bug soon

heres my buggy.

my talon

found this place through random google searches looking for prerunners/trophy trucks as i've been obsessed with those and hope to win the lotto one day so i can build one. lol. right now i've got a baja bug lined up to buy. just gotta come up with the money for it now. its going to need alot of work but thats half the fun of it. anyways, i hope to learn alot about building stuff and just be able to read and see videos of desert racing on here.

and a quick edit. is there a different way of posting pics here or am i not allowed to yet? lol
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