Hi I'm Brandon can you help my Jeep go faster offroad?

I'm Brandon. I'm in the USCG so I move around a lot. I recently moved from San Diego to Kodiak, AK. I've been stationed in Kodiak before. I posted in the desert section of Pirate and thought I'd try here to, to see what folks think.

Here are some pictures. I try to show my bumps front and rear.

Bump stops are eibach shock shaft bumps on the fox 2.0's, and then some sumo springs (originally meant for a JK). They actually "stroke" 2 inches and so do the shock shaft bumps.

1997 XJ
-HP D44/9" 5.13's detroit/true trac
-4.7L Very high strung stroker, solid cam, 11.3:1 compression (tuned and running strong!)
-AW4 with transgo kit and winters shifter+rad designs full manual electronic control
-2800 stall converter
-33x10.50 toyos
-fox 2.0 remote res tuned by accutune offroad
-metal cloak front dual rate coils and deaver rear leafs
-12" travel front and rear
-Front stretch 1.5", rear 1" (104" wheelbase)
- 3 link front (stock jeep setup missing 1 upper control arm. arms are 3" longer than stock. RE drop brackets. Axle is pushed forward 1.5". I relocated mounting points slightly to get the other 1.5" of control arm length, everything is stronger than stock and is working well)

Jeep is 3,900 lbs, 50/50 weight distribution. It's closer to 4,000 and 49/51 when ready to wheel.

I'm running the metal cloak coils because my deaver coils would unseat about 2" at full droop hanging on the straps. I also didn't feel like I needed as much spring rate as the jeep speed guys because my rig is not as heavy. I'm probably wrong. I am happy so far with the metal cloak dual rate coils.

SO! My question for you smart dudes is what would be your #1 change to pick up a little MPH or improve the ride offroad? What would be the 2nd?

My ideas and line of thinking: (1) A bigger tire (2) Hydro bumps (3) 2.5" shocks (but shock fade is not the issue so I don't think this would have an affect) (4) More travel? (5) Front coilovers

Not the best video because I wasn't going that fast. Long day on a trail and the wife and I wanted one quick clip of it because we didn't have any.
Don't abuse government property! Wait til you muster out before exceeding 15 MPH off highway.


Welcome aboard! Post your queries in the appropriate shop sections!

Good luck!

Dirty Harry

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Even without shock fade being an issue I would say larger shocks or bypass shocks if you want to pick up speed.

And nice Jeep!

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What Tire Pressures are you running ?

My truck really improves speed and comfort when running off road with 22psi Front and 15psi rear pressures with tires similar in size to you

You could get away with even lower pressures since youre running smaller wheels than me (17) but dont go lower without beadlocks
Thanks for that insight. I have played with it a little. Very first trip was 12 psi to break the brand new tires in. This last trip was 14 psi and I liked how that felt.

The different pressure front and rear is interesting. I might play with that some more.


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To go faster you need a cage. Then more shock. Maybe a few more stickers.

Looks good.
I can't argue with the cage. Also, I have PAC racing springs showing up today and then I'm having my shocks re-valved. We'll see how that goes.