hi im josh


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Jul 6, 2009
hi everyone, i've only created a profile on here to clear up the confusion about me being "shady." opal "thnkpnk" has posted on here in slander and completely off base. the truth of the matter is that her "fieance" and i had verbal agreements that he decide not to live up to and refuses to communicate with me about. no, none of his "stuff" is or will be for sale @ anytime from me. the locks were changed when she refuse to be civil with me and dumped a brand-new dirtbike on my porch while i was @ work and i had clearly asked her to wait until i got off.oh and he claimed he had already taken all of his "stuff" prior to me changing the locks. i have tried to contact him numberous times and he refuses to get back to me. nothing had anything to do with her, he just refused to communicate with me so she feels the need to run her mouth. last time i checked, when you make payments on anything and then break your contract and give it back you do not get your money back, thus i don't feel "he" has a right to ask for any money back considering hes used the bike the entire time it was in his possesion. If he wants to be a man and deal wit his own stuff for a change, he has my number. i have already spoken with the police and nothing in my posetions is in anyway close to being stolen, its cosidered a "civil" matter not "criminal" considering he up and left and i can proove that he was staying here. sorry for any confusion she may have caused. and sorry you guys had to hear about the b.s.