Hi-I'm Mike, a Rally/Raid/Desert Racing/4-Wheeling/Hill Climb(and even Tarmac)racing fan from SoCal


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Lurked here on occasion(but not enough-nice forum you have here!)and decided to join here today.

Grew up driving cars and trucks in the fireroads and 4x4 trails around the valley,back when unlocked gates and no cop hassles were a thing..

Started off in a v8 Dodge dart with surpisingly good ground clearance,went on to a Dodge Power wagon 4-speed ,and the did a really basic Old school prerunner in the mid 80's.

It was a 1967 F100 short bed with 429/C6 and when I grenaded the 44_ put in a spooled 9"

Later had a 1989 Jeep grand wagonner v8 with 410's arbs's front and rear,skyjacker spings all around and rancho rsx's(hated those shocks!).

Good trucks but I sold all my trucks and bought a Duratec Focus zx3 around 2005 and eventually rallycrossed it in 2013,with the intention of making it into a full blown stage rally car eventually.

The dirtparking lot racing was fun for what it was(and cheap!)

Here is the link to my rallyx racing:

My ZX3...Drop & Tint?....Hell no!....A Lift and Snows?....Yep!....56K?-Nope!!

Anyway..after seeing so many rally cars 30-40k invested selling for around 10-15k or often alot less,I probably won't build a car.

I am toying with the idea of picking up a ranger,and building a very basic rally truck-this would be the easy button way to stage rally I think,although I don't expect to win in a heavy truck.

But I might give that plan a go later this year or next.

I'll need a tow rig for the race car. Leaning towards a E150-They do it all-tow rig for the race car and 2 door JK I want to pick up,as well as a camping vehicle.

Guess I need to work on that income.$$$$ are going to be needed!

I expect to be mostly active in the rally and raid forum here,but i'll check out the other sections as well..Thanks!