hi im victor


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whats up guys my name is Victor
im from las vegas
i check out the forum like 50 times a day and i couldnt get my old account to work
so i finally got a new one and it works

my buddy david actually got me into desert racing by accident haha
turns out his partner for the MRAN night series races backed out so i got to fill in so here i am
i've been racing for about 3-4 years i've been inactive since the year started[pretty lame] due to blown up bikes and low budget
but ill be back to the scene in a month when i get my new dirtbike
i rode a yz250 2-stroke [melted crank assembly]
and a yz250f 4-stroke [seized motor and the crank made a bunch of holes in the case and head]
eff yamaha haha im goin to honda

i raced for a team called NWtec Racing... maybe you've seen em around before
the rest of the team wussied out of the racing scee and got into the whole lowrider show car scene[pretty gay if you ask me] so i was left with 2 blown up bikes and no money haha

everyone in here seem like a cool person
i hope i get to meet you all someday
i look up to all you guys and hope to someday be as succesful in the sport
im an aspiring fabricator and would like to start attending some kind of fabrication school sometime soon or maybe work as an apprentice at one of your guys shop or something. i really wanna know how you guys work things around shops

well thats all i can think of for now
hope to hear from you guys soon


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