Hi - looking for info on Vogtland shocks


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Sep 10, 2009
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temecula, ca
Hey guys - my name is Eric. I've been going to Ocotillo Wells forever, it seems like. I have a '71 baja bug with a 1915, built type 1 trans, 3x3 trailing arms, 6" over beam, 2.5" over arms, combo spindles, saco rack, centerlines and super diggers. It's a money pit that I love working on, and I've been building it for a couple years now! No plans to race, just a hobby.

I'm on here all the time looking for parts, but I've never needed to register for the forum until now.

I'm looking for any info I can find about Vogtland coilovers. They're apparently run on Predator cars, and I'm being told they have all Fox internals. I don't know if the shocks are Chinese and the springs are Vogtland or what. I'm pretty skeptical , but I'd love to hear what anybody thinks.

Thanks for your time.