Hi, my name is Ariel


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My name is Ariel. I live in Wollongong, which is approximately 1 hour drive south of Sydney, NSW Australia, that's right DOWN UNDER.

I came across this website after looking for different welding forums. I am always on the look out on how to improve my process and tools I have nand this is what keeps me coming back over the past few weeks, alwaysin teresting and always something to learn.

I work in Sales for a *cough* Mortgage Insurance *cough* firm here in Oz and my hobby which has since turned into a small business on the side keeps me entertained and buried in the garage for long hours on weekends.

My business is Custom Plenum Creations www.customplenums.com. I got into this around 5 years ago when building an inlet manifold for my turbo'd Nissan 6 cylinder. Everyone had the ability to make one and charge for it, but know one could offer me a product which was proven. Yes inlet manifolds and plenums are a bit of a black art and hence why I decided to get into it. After much reading, flow and dyno testing, you start to see some common traits and it begins to falls in place....and trust me when I say begins, there is always something else to learn.

When time allows I work on my street car, a twin turbo, fuel injected, quad cam Nissan V8, in the equivalent or your average family car here in Oz, actually made by a GM owned company Hoilden, back in '87. A very popular model which continues to draws attention of car lovers and enthusiats.

My idea for the car is as much custom fabrication work as poosible, mainly around the suspension & driveline, as this is where all the fun is and never really been done before, eg chromoly suspension arms, chromoly crossmembers and engine mounts etc etc, all pretty basic from what you guys do, but completely different in street car world.

Anyway, enough of my rant.....I am here to learn...see you around.