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Hi my name is Ed

I am a Midwest gringo who likes to go to Baja and race and by race I mean ride in a chase truck for lots of miles with some strangers and friends. How are you doing?


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Welcome Ed. That is pretty much my way of racing as well ha ha. Couldn't tell if your pic was a truck or a bronco.

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I went with a UTV PRO team after answering a ad on Pirate in 14'. Last year I got invited back with a teamate from that 14' race on his own team and I put my name in the hat this year again. I'm the only member on that team that's not So. Cal. based. Who knew you could have such a great time with complete strangers that are like family 3000 miles from home. The pictures are Coco's Corner and getting a photo wearing the medal at Lapaz.