Hi, my name is LJ. Looking for help finding long travel kit for 2500hd silverado


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So I have an 06 2500hd. It currently sits on 31" KMC's with the new BFG KO2's. I love them but that's not my problem. The issue is with the suspension. It has fox 2.0 smoothies with remote resiviors and CD adjusters up front and the same in the rear minus the CD adjusters. I'm planing on upgrading the rear to the new 2.5 DSC shocks because currently they're just WAY too stiff. The fronts have decent rebound but not so decent compression, and with like 6" of travel it tends to bottom out and just overall be too rough. What I'm looking for is a long travel kit but literally nobody makes one for on 06 2500HD. Camburg makes upper control arms but that's all I can find. There's a million long travel options for the 1500 but none for the 2500HD. Any suggestions?



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Chris Tobin

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We installed the Pure Performance long travel kit that replaces the torsion bars with a dual coil over setup on my 2500HD and I really like it, but have not beat on it in the desert yet... We have a lot more work to do on the truck to finish it up first. We also beefed up the steering with their linkage included with the kit my truck does not toe in under power on boosted 4WD launches in Dirt Drag racing or sled pulling like nearly every other IFS Duramax truck I've seen... BUT, I think they discontinued the particular kit that I used and are now focusing on the newer generation trucks... www.pure-performance.biz is their website for you to check them out. I believe they spec the suspension at 14-inches of travel, but it seems to stiff and heavily sprung to measure it out with out pulling the shocks and cycling it and I haven't had the time to do that yet...

We also beefed up the IFS front diff and the article for everything we did to step up the IFS is in the current issue of Ultimate Diesel Builder's Guide magazine that is on the newsstand right now. We installed an ARB locker and G2 gears along with Fleece Performance TuffShafts in the center section including deleting the center axle disconnect. Then for the CV shafts we replaced the stock CVs I was using with Branik motorsports 300M billet extended length axles with a set of RCV Ultimate axles using the 934s inboard with adapter plates and their spherical outer. We have had no problems so far and this seems about a bullet proof as you can make the factory component up front.

I am looking into reworking some of the front end to get some more travel and longer shocks with a singel coil over and a bypass, and hope to desert race the truck when we are finally finished with it. Most of the build up on the old pig was covered in articles in Diesel World magazine.

I hope this helps...