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Hi! new with mini prerunner


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Hi guys
since i'm on a project sideways from what people usually do on mini trucks i need advice from the pros of desert racing !
so i live in Los angeles and i have a 72 datsun 620 pickup
it has a SR20det engine from japan ( 2.0 turbo +200hp) , with 2500lbs thats fast !
soon it'll have around 250hp , it'll fly ..
i am making a prerunner from it .. i know it's a bad idea but i'm doing it !
it won't be a crazy off road car , more of a classic car fun in the desert
i'm working on the suspension and its getting tricky i need advice !
see you guys


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First off, awesome truck. I’ve been trying to picture my 81 Toyota pickup set up as a mild desert truck and you’re truck nailed exactly what I’m trying to do. Awesome build so far!

I know you’re looking for advice and help, which I unfortunately don’t have at this point. I’m guessing most of the work you’re going to have to do is custom fabrication. It’s a unique truck to turn into a prerunner for sure and that makes it even better. Except for the added work that that requires of course.

I’m curious what you have done to the suspension so far though. I’m trying to get ideas for my own build and maybe the trucks are similar enough to be able to bounce ideas off of each other. I’m not sure if you’re trying to go wider in the front for longer travel or trying to get the most out of what you have right now. Either way, I’m very curious to know more about your truck!

jon coleman

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ill start, im always blabbing too much on rDc ,ive been told, man, that is a heck of power/ weight ratio, start with a Correct roll cage, that car will do over a hun. in the dirt, next is how fast over the bump$, That is the cash black hole bottomless money pitt of hi speed deZert racing, really would make a bi#[email protected]% n silver state road racer though....


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I hope your short. Those cabs are small. It's only going to get worse with a cage. Then you move the motor back a little......

Bert is my name

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Spencer Lowe campaigned datsun/Nissan for decades. Try to find some archived pictures of his setups. Or start cutting and bending metal. He has recently passed. But I believe his son is still in business. Nice truck.

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Polo451 and Speshal_k, here are some Facebook groups you'll want to check out.
You might need to login to see the NissanDatsun group.