Hi there, My name and signature says it all


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Dec 6, 2006
Santee, CA
Yep, as stated above, my name and signature says it all. Broke-Neck-Bob...

- How you got into desert racing. I got into racing about 12 years ago when my Brother John Manring called me up and asked if I would like to head to Mexico with him to help another team race in the 500. After that I was hooked. One day he come home with this pile of metal and said to me, "do you see it" puzzled I said "see what" and as your probably guessing, he said "A race car, our very own race car" at this point it was as I said just a pile of metal, but with such a vision of what he wanted he actuially saw a race car in that pile of steel.

- How you have found this website. Being involved with racing for many years, he, my brother John, began to use his computor more and more as his job became office oriented. he was instantly an on-line junky and has since turned me on to your site. I have been out of it pretty much since the accident just supporting him and his daughters racing. Well, leading into the next question...

- What vehicle you play with. I actually get to play in the race car as one of the test drivers and since all has been well and the Dr.'s say I can go back to what ever I was doing before the accident, I have been thinking of getting back in the car... I won the main prize at one of the drawings and it was a Def-N-Der neck brace. With this brace, my SISTER-IN-LAW, John's wife, has given me the green light to get back in the car. This leads into the answer of the question...

- Your future plans in respect to desert racing. I plan to get back in the car as soon as I loose some of the weight gained in my off time for the past 4 years or so. I need to do it soon as age is creaping up on me and the competition is getting younger, if you know what I mean.

- What keeps you busy during the day? Job, School etc. My job as an Engineer for an aerospace company in El Cajon,CA keeps me very busy. Maybe too busy. Regardless I want back in...