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My name is Rob Felts and I am new to off road racing. I bought an old Raceco 2/1600 car from my father in law back in September and realized after buying it what it's potential might be. The car was originally built by Raceco back in the mid 80's for Bob Renz with Safeway Plumbing and Heating. My father in law drove in the BITD series back in those days with Bob and a couple of his friends. The car was cleaned up and powder coated and chromed out about 10 years ago and used as a desert toy and I bought it to keep as a desert toy. The car got my interest in the sport going and now I can't get it ready fast enough. I hope to be ready to hit a couple races later in the year.


Do you still own this? My dad was a co-driver in this car for Bob Renz back in the 80’s. I spent a lot of time in the shop sweeping around that car.
I Know that Car Well I actually Drove that car at a plaster city Race. Ray Maxi used to be the Primary Driver for that Car. Bob drove the Class1 Car with Dick Clark (I Used to do the Prep on the Class 1 Car) its great that your getting it back together