high lift floor jacks?


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I searched the forums on floor jack, jacks, and hydraulic; nevertheless, I remember seeing some discussion on quick pump floor jacks that you can use out on the trail. I wanted something I can mount in my bed cage and use when and if I get a flat. I've seen some in the past with big rubber tires to help stay afloat on the dirt/slit. With long travel suspension front/rear a high lift jack is really risky at the very last notch. I'd rather use a floor jack on the axle or I-beam.

Anyone know where I can get a quality jack? Who has the best price? What brand or better yet any picutures of them too.

Thanks in advance!


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I have a high lift two pump jack that i bought from H&M. You could easily replicate it yourself. It's just a quick pump craftsman jack with axles welded underneath the body and big pneumatic tires to keep it sittin real high.


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if your just looking for something to carry in your vehicle all the time, not for racing, or changing flats in a hurry - then you could use a large bottle jack with the extendable shaft. I bought one at harbor freight, pretty low price. the base is real small, so i made a wood base that attaches to the jack for sand, or soft dirt. I keep the bottle jack in my truck at all times, and the wood base in the ammo box in the bed. it's kinda ghetto, but good price, and works great. I couldn't even get my tires close to coming off the ground with a 4' high lift under my bumper - and a six foot high lift just scares the poop outa me.