hikers in the dunes


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Here is a link to an article from today Sun. April 7th issue of the Yuma Sun. Our local newspaper here in Yuma, AZ which you probably all know only lies about 20 miles from imperial sand dunes. Thought some of you might be interested in this.

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P.S. - I am betting they did the same hike a week ago when they put the beer can out there, read the article and you will know what I am talking about. If 100 beetles will flock to a beer can in a small area the beetle must not be to endangered.



What A Joke

<A target="_blank" HREF=http://www.yumasun.com/artman/publish/story_875.shtml>http://www.yumasun.com/artman/publish/story_875.shtml</A>

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"Sproul stood in awe when he stumbled upon some petrified urine"

This statement alone should make any normal person question these people's intentions.

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wow, that was hilarious! I love how the dead beetles broke his heart... There were tons of mistakes or flat out lies in that article. If anyone wants to let that jackass know how they feel his email address is: lturf@yumasun.com


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more disinformation from the econazi's! here are some good ones.."the 29,000 acre wilderness preserve..." isn't the area north of hwy 78 more like 49,000 acres? and the 20 gallons of water...please, not even the US Forest service smoke jumpers can hike that much weight on their backs...and they regular train with 100 pound packs. 20 gallons is 160 pounds...for water alone. and if after 2 hours of walking(even in hard conditions, they should have been at least 2 miles away from the horrible offroad vehicles) they could still hear the high pitched whine of atv's... hey mr. patterson, if you want solitude, walk away from the noise. not around it!

i wish i could get excited about petrified urine. i guess i am not just enough of a nature lover to be excited by piss. i do have one question, how do they know it was animal piss? i mean, we offroaders have obviously been in that area since we left all those beetle traps. i wonder how close the beer can was to the petrified piss? if the environmentalists get so excited by petrified piss, maybe they should look into preserving areas around the campfire rings, then they can see, touch, taste, and smell all the petrified piss they want!


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I love how when magazines, newspapers, tv shows etc. report on the desert and it's so called "debauchery" they always quote every one and their brother as long as they have "Center for Biological Diversity" in front of their name, but rarely do they quote anyone from the ASA or Tread Lightly or any one of the myriad of offroad preservation groups. I sent the author a message letting him know how I felt after reading that article. It's called idealogical zealots - they believe what they believe and don't care about compromise or reality.

Jerry Zaiden

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1) Though we encountered no other hikers on our trek, Daniel Patterson, the center's desert ecologist, said the potential exists to promote the dunes as a popular hike. " YEA RIGHT, WHO THE HELL WOULD WANT TO HIKE THROUGH THE SAND"?

2) If the bureau tried, Patterson maintains, thousands of hikers would flock to the area, since hikers outnumber those who own or ride off-road vehicles. " THEY DO? OVER 50,000 PEOPLE GO TO GLAMIS sorry THE Algodones dunes AT A TIME, DO YOU REALLY THINK THAT MANY HIKERS WOULD REALLY GO THERE AT ONE TIME"?

Bond, Sproul, Patterson and the rest of the hikers say they have the right to recreate on these public lands without fear of being struck by an off-road vehicle. "DO YOU REALLY THINK THESE PEOPLE WOULD EVEN BE HERE IF THEY WERE NOT FIGHTING OFF-ROADERS"?

People we really need to get involved. These people are NUTS! There are way more important environmental issues at hand. These people can't beat us. We need to get involved.
Not just talk be we need to do some thing.

Jerry Zaiden

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I see it now the towns of Brawley and Holtville are going to get there $millions of dollars from hikers. Can't you see it now. The McDonalds drive through with a line of earthy hikers with bumper stickers that read save the cows eat soy.... jajaja makes me laugh..


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Now Jerry, you've got it all wrong. The enviornmentalists would have more people go out to the dunes than the off-roaders, because the enviornmentalists would go all year round. They would continue to go out there in the heat of the summer. Then several of them would die, and there would be this huge fiasco about how the dunes are so unsafe, not only for off-roaders, but also for hikers! Then it would snow ball.

the short of it, it is just f$cking BS


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I totally agree w/ the comments.. People do NOT flock to dunes in numbers to hike or check out the dunes. I have seen this argument used by them and it is just plain false!!!


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I am so sick of these environmentalist over exaggerating stories that remove peoples reality. Their opinion is so skewed that they may just get more people on there ignorant side. There is really noting out there in the dunes! Its a sandy desert! What better place for us off-raoders than there? They can't ignore the fact that we do need someplace to go. And I just can't believe that they are wasting their time on beetles, petrified piss, and an ugly plant, when there are so many other extremely important environmental issues to be resolved! This just pisses me off!

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hey, I think that's my "clutch throttle" they found out there....I wonder if I can get it back. That aricle is a freakin joke. What would have really made my day is if one of those whining pissant tree huggers had twisted their little ankle or gotten dehidrated and had to be driven out of the dunes in....dare I say it...an off-road vehicle?!?!?!

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