History Channel/Ultimate Autos/4x4 Sports/

Aug 18, 2001
Los Angeles, CA
I'm watching the History Channel right now, the episode is 4x4 auto sports. They're covering offroad racing, they're showing footage from last years Baja 2K. They interviewed Ivan Stewart, Rod Hall, Frank Vessels. They're showing footage of McMillin, George Seeley, #702 from last year's Baja 2K. There's footage of Vortec truck, some old footage as well. It presents offroad racing in a very positive light, I'm ikmpressed.

This program is repeated later on tonight, check your listings. I'm on Pacific DirecTV on mini satellite dish, & the program is repeated at 10pm. Do check it out, with VCRs set on record. They're also covering Paris-Dakar, & rock-crawlers.

It's exactly 1 week anniversary of the disaster in NY, & we have some really good publicity for the sport via tis History Channel program. Probably very few people are watching this. I think this program might be repeated this coming weekend (this whole week features episodes called Ultimate Auto).

"Go for the Gusto, Go for the Overall"
-- Robby Gordon, SCORE off-road champion