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HO HO HO Too one and all......And may the New Year bring you more "Wheel Travel "



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Yup I'm agreeing, this year Xmas is definately cutting into the funds a little too deep. Damn, I still gotta go find a sweatshirt for Alexis, crap don't tell her I said that!!!!

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No kidding. Not to mention my 300 dollar speeding tickets and books for school, not such a merry xmas. I just want it to be friday so I can go to the desert!! But merry christmas , hope santa gives everyone what they want!!



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Well I am planning on an awesome xmas and new years with my girl, family and freinds. Hope everybody else has the same.

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i hope its a safe one for everyone, merry xmas from the keys

i wana be like austin when i grow up, he gets all the chicks


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Merry Christmas all!

Spending the day with the family and girl, drinking and eatin plenty!

Headin to the dez Fri-SUN! Got to test out the new Hellas ya know?

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More wheel travel...Got that.
THANK YOU Santa Wayne for the Deaver's and Mastercraft seats for X-mas. Shocked me to see it! Since my B-day brought front SAW coil over's and rear SAW's, my truck is DONE as far as it's going to get!!
Yeah! Finally.


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Congratulations Dez Chick! Finally got that purty pearl truck functioning like it should! I heard your Sugar Santa brought you all the parts and even some custom made ones so everything will fit just right. Right on, it's time we switched back to thrashing your truck instead of mine!!! Oh and I couldn't help but hear those dang jingle bells ringing all night long, from the clatter of Rudolph's hooves hitting the roof(top)!